All about the Cimelium project!

The music project Cimelium is, as all current alionmind records projects, a "one man army". It is just me, Jürgen Wolther from Hamburg / Germany. It started with the idea of creating music for my own style of meditation. So an alionsonny album was planned with the working title "alion meditations". The reception of the first pre-release versions was very promising and I had 9 songs already in a near-to-release-quality state. But then, in 2009, I finally realized, that releasing a huge number of different music genres under the name of alionsonny made not just some people very angry. They were confused about what they had to expect from the next album release and each and everybody of cause wanted his preferred style of music to dominate the releases. So I decided to split my artistical identity into 3. During a brainstorming session about a project name with my girlfriend, we decided for the name "Cimelium;". Because the already almost finished songs for "alion meditations" strangely sounded very "oriental", I decided to revamp "alion meditations" as a concept album about ancient Mesopotamia. This worked really well. I just had to change some of the moods, alter some melodies ...and create the missing 4 songs. In 2011, because of my love for the Portuguese island Madeira, I began creating a concept album about Madeira. One problem arose: While "Mesopotamia" was a quite gloomy and dark album, most of the songs for "Madeira" were rather happy and cheerful. So I already expected not just some of the fans of "Mesopotamia" to be disapointed. And that proved to be true after I showcased the first pre-release versions of the album. From this point on, I decided to release dark and happy albums alternatingly. So the next album had to be dark & gloomy again. And conviniently I already planned to release a concept album about depression right after the "Madeira" album. That album, "Ad Hominem", has been already released by now. So the next one will be a happy album again. Because the topic of Madeira is hard to cover in just one album, it is planned, that 2 more concept albums on that topic will be released. Also the dark sucessor of "Ad Hominem" is already planned and will cover the same topic. It will be titled "Per Aspera Ad Astra". That's the state of affairs in September 2017.
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