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Latest music videos:

These are music videos, featuring Cimelium music, from the official alionmind records Youtube channel. This channel contains only music videos, currently mostly for older alionmind productions. But by and by I will add more new music videos. Stay tuned!

Cimelium - Marduk

Cimelium - Sumeria

Latest AlionLive videos:

These are videos, featuring Cimelium music, from the AlionLive Youtube channel. This channel features travelogues, videos about hiking, bike rides in Germany and some of my other activities, when I am currently not making music. All videos are have a soundtrack that consists of (almost only) alionmind music.

Tag 15 -Die Abreise / The Departure (English Subtitles)

Tag 14 Teil 2 - Terreiro da Luta - Poiso - Party (English Subtitles)

Tag 10 - Teil 4 - Wanderung Caldeirão do Inferno - Queimadas

Tag 10 - Teil 3 - Caldeirão do Inferno (English Subtitles)

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