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The album "Madeira" is now available everywhere!

Thanks to my great distributor, we have a new time record regarding to the release of albums. Already two days ago, the "Madeira" album was available in the largest shops, ie iTunes and GooglePlay. It never went so fast. So, and there it is. It really took long enough. The work on the oldest piece for the album began already in 2011! But who now thinks "Man, he always needs such a long time for everything!", is completely wrong. Six albums have been released since 2011, including the two first albums of Cimelium. I didn't work fulltime on this album since 2011. It still was a lot of work, all in all. And in my opinion it was worth it. It is a beautiful album. And here we are at a possible problem: The album is beautiful, it is nice and cheerful. If you now think "Yay! Cimelium released a new album! I must have it!" and buy it at your trusted music dealer, you may be in for a unpleasant surprise. Mesopotamia and especially "Ad Hominem" were rather dark and very serious. "Madeira" comes… Read more...
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